1974-11-17, University Of Virginia, Charlottsville, VA

The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle Tour
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David Spurlock wrote: I was at this show, 30 years ago tonight, so this is all just from dim memory, not so much a review.

Everybody sat (or stood, or danced) on the floor of the basketball court at "Mem Gym" (Memorial Gymnasium) at UVA; the band was on a little platform at one end of the floor. Not a very big crowd, as I remember it (I was on the floor pretty close to the "stage"), but enthusiastic - and more so as the show went on.

I knew nothing at all about Bruce Springsteen except what little I'd maybe seen in the Cavalier Daily or Rolling Stone - and Jon Landau's famous quotation. I'd never heard anything on the radio or on record. The tickets were $5 ($3?), and it was a Sunday night, so I figured I'd go with a few friends and see what the talking was about.

If I knew nothing about what was going to happen, there were people there who did, who knew every line in every song - like the girl who did indeed "throw a rose" to Bruce at just the right moment ("82nd Street"). The show was long (as I remember), and what I took in as the boundless energy of the band - and of the "long-time" fans, who could get more than I knew to look for - was something totally new to me. The experience was too new to me; and I really didn't know what to make of it.

I wasn't sure I'd ever see the Band again (in fact, not until spring of '76), but I was telling people about them months later, and I knew to go out and buy Born to Run as soon as it came out. I still joke that I might be the first Springsteen fan from Alabama (or at least one of the first, for sure).

So my thanks to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (all past and present together). Every artistic promise they ever made they have kept, and more richly than we out on the gym floor that night could have even known how to ask for.


lou phats wrote: I was at this concert and I took a really cool picture of the girl giving the rose to Bruce Springsteen.


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