1974-07-27, Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, AZ

The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle Tour
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Daryl Lowry wrote: The Celebrity Theatre is a theatre in the round.
This was the best concert I have attended. Bruce wore a sleveless t-shirt and the band rocked like none I had heard live before. My dated had never heard of Bruce or the band.
She was impressed.

Carolyn Harrison wrote: My husband and I saw Bruce for the first time ever at this show. I had to beg my husband to go as he had never heard of him. Bruce came out in a white tank top - wow. He started the set out with "Spanish Johnny". From there on it was hard hitting rock n roll. After the second song, my husband turned to me and shouted, "This guy's great!!" This comment was coming from someone I had to drag to the concert. I LOVE this memory. We are both solid Bruce fans to this day.

Brenda Edwards wrote: He totally transformed me. Remember the Hugh speakers he jumped on? I knew then he was a star.


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