2018-12-01, Walter Kerr Theatre, New York, NY

Springsteen on Broadway
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Tommy C wrote: Wow! Such an emotional show. Bruce shed quite a few tears throughout the night as he recalled memories with his Dad, Mom and the Big Man. An unbelievable opportunity to see and hear Mr. Springsteen be so open, honest and spiritual throughout the course of the show. The songs are amazing, with "My Father's House", "Born in USA", "The Wish", "10TH Ave.," "Tougher than the Rest," and "Born to Run," being highlights. The stories though are what makes this such an extraordinary and special show. Without his stories, it would just be a show with a man playing his music, but the stories are what truly cement the connection between performer and audience, as they reveal a person, really, not unlike ourselves. We all too have dreams, desires, goals, relationships, family, heartaches and triumphs. Mr. Springsteen's show makes you aware how special all those moments really are, as they make up the stories of our own individual lives. Thanks, Bruce!


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