2018-09-26, Walter Kerr Theatre, New York, NY

Springsteen on Broadway
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Ralph from Jersey wrote: My son, Rob, took me to this show for our birthdays. It was an amazing night as I had already been to 129 Bruce concerts, but this one was so unique. Okay, so it was scripted, but there seemed to be a lot of spontaneity and - judging by the global audience - it was a fun, yet very satisfying evening. Not like the typical dance party shows that Bruce does, but this one was pensive and enlightening. It made me want to think about my own life and what I have done. Where I have failed and where I have succeeded. Where I have been and where I am going. At age 60ish, those are big choices for me - and a time to reflect. Bruce, if you are listening to me here, this show was long overdue and helped to crystalized the emotions of those of us who have been with you since, like me, 1975. One word to describe it: perfect. No politics (I worried about that) and all love (never a doubt). As I said at my first show reviewed on greasylake.org on 10.12.76 (you can look it up), the fuse was lit. And, the fuse is still burning. What a special night. Thanks, Bruce - we love ya - Ralph from Jersey, Delaware and points unknown (even to me!) Forever friends...and, Janey, don't you ever lose heart.


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