2012-09-19, MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

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Bruce performs two acoustic songs for early arrivers in the GA section.

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T.Cantillon wrote: Despite a fairly standard set, the energy level took this show to another level.
A very strong opening with Shackled and a killer Prove It All Night and the Wrecking Ball material kicks ass live. During the Magic and Working on a Dream tour, I found myself sometimes not singing along with the new songs, but such is not the case with the ones from WB. I look forward to hearing them just as much as I do his killer classic songs.
My City of Ruins, beautiful, heartfelt, a song so connected to life itself that I can't imagine anyone not relating to and appreciating it. It's one of Bruce's best songs easily.
Spirit and E Street Shuffle were terrific, full of energy.
Although they aren't terrible songs, Darlington, Working on the Highway and Easy Money dropped the momentum level for me.
But then a magnificent Racing in the Streets more than made up for it. A definite highlight of the night.
A high energy rock show for nearly 4 hours; a perfect way to spend a Wednesday night.

gracie wrote: There is nothing like the feeling of a pre-show... I could have floated all the way home to Chicago. Lord what a day into night.
I was really glad to get Easy Money and Cantillon is right the energy was way up. Flew in for this show when 2 at Wrigley and 1 at Izod weren't enough. What a great tour this was.


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