2012-09-03, Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA

Wrecking Ball Tour
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"Factory" is a solo piano version. "Prove It All Night" is the '78 version with guitar intro.

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T.Cantillon wrote: WOW! A completely different show from night 1.
The 5 pack of Darkness songs easily set the bar for the best opening. Bruce's delivery of Adam, Prove it, Streets of Fire and Something in the Night was intense, focused, powerful and raw.
The new songs keep sounding better, especially Death to My Hometown, Shackled and We Are Alive.
Spirit was rock 'n' roll preacher Bruce at his best. Had to be the best version I've ever seen him do. It's amazing how the performances keep changing, the bar keeps getting raised, Bruce and band constantly taking it to a new level, making it sound vital, fresh, alive! Hats off to all of you.
Saint in the City was smoking. Play that every night and the fans will go wild.
The show lost a little steam as it continued. Frankie was beautifully done, as was one of the most emotional versions of The River. If he had placed those 2 back to back, then dropped Lonesome Day and perhaps played Because the Night or Backstreets, the momentum would have continued into the encores.
Wasn't sure I wanted to hear Jungleland without the Big Man's sax, but Jake definitely made C proud. Powerful version that echoed the theme of the show's start as Bruce's dark poetic side highlighted this night's show thru out.


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