2012-09-02, Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Tommy C wrote: Pure and simple: A FUN SHOW FROM START TO FINISH!
Sunday night was party night in Philly as Bruce and band opened with Summertime Blues and also gave us Sherry Darling, Out in the Streets and Hungry Heart. Spirit in the Night has become a new highlight of the show, very powerful and spiritual.
Good Rockin Tonight was terrific and should probably find its way into the set more often.Be a great way to start the shows off. Cadillac, Cadillac...always fun to hear. Shackled and Drawn is also another highlight. Just grabs and takes you down to that Greasy Lake Bruce brought us to earlier so we can be baptized in a night of rock 'n' roll!
We Are Alive is another highlight. It's what the shows are all about, celebrating life and all those ghosts that contribute to who we are throughout the years.
The show closes on several high notes as the party continues with You Can't Sit Down and Twist & Shout. Great time, even if we were all the way up in the rafters dancing all night long!

LOST IN THE FLOOD, with that searing guitar solo at the end makes for one hard-rocking, kicks-you-in-the-gut epic!
Shakes the celestial crowd with an amazing Spirit in the Night that makes your hair stand on end. Someone put this stuff out on an official dvd/cd--please!
Good Rockin Tonight--without a doubt, done Bruce and E Street Band style!

WaltMere wrote: Great show from start to the end. Everysong was a highlight. First Bruce show for my wife and 2 sons (13 and 18). My wife, after the show said "he's ruined me for any other concert."


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