2012-08-26, Magnetic Hill, Moncton, Canada

Wrecking Ball Tour
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"If I Should Fall Behind" is a solo piano version.

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andrew mcgrath wrote: I spoiled my 16 yr old daughter, this was her first concert. I don't think anything can top this night. It was perfect!

Nicky Wilmott wrote: This was my long overdue first Springsteen concert
I think it may actually be the highlight of my life so far......
It took 36 hours just to get from Wellington NZ to Moncton -no one at Wgtn airport had ever even heard of Moncton before!!
But it was worth every moment !!!
The night itself was indeed perfect
-alas it wizzed past in a blur way too quickly
It was surreal finally seeing Bruce and the band - i had to keep pinching my frind to make sure i wasn't dreaming !!
The wheather was buetiful comming from a southern hemisphere winter, the moon was huge
Bruce was amazing, he did everything he was surposed to, it was great to hear him talk and also see him play paino
Also i gained a real appreation of Sunny day seeing how much enjoyment Brcue gets from performing it

At the begining i tought i was having a heart attack then i realsied it was Garry's bass comming up through the ground straight to my heart!!!
Nils' solo in Because the night was every bit as wonderful as i knew he would be
Shacked & drawn was a completly unexspected highlight - Cindy was great !! as was the audience partisipation orchastrated by Bruce at the begining with the lighting effects

I wish there was really good u tube footage available - i sourced an audio boot but it is not soundboard and has alot of crowd chatter
That was one thing i didn't like - too many people not paying enough attention to Bruce (-and also it wasn't a smoke free venue)

Jack of all trades brought tears to my eyes, lucky i had been to the bathroom before the show and i got to enjoy every moment!!!

As it was really important to me to pay my respects to C and also Danny it was most generouse of Bruce to allow us to do that through 10th av freeze out -my arms ached from clapping so much !!

I was astonouded to hear how great Charlie was -(but then Bruce only has the best)
Soozie was just buetiful

The facilities at the ground were very good but transport to and from the venue was abismil and poorly advertised -i was only in town for 3 days and i don't speak French
We walked for two hours to find a taxi afterwards

It is a pity that this show never got the rave revue it deserves - you can't tell what a night was like just from reading a set list
I was dispointed in the ho-hum coverage from within the Springsteen community eg the review ran in Backstreets

If anyone has pictures form this show i would love to see them (catchofroses@yahoo.co.nz)


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