2012-08-18, Gillette Stadium, Boston, MA

Wrecking Ball Tour
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chuggachamp wrote: Only Bruce can take a 4 minute song and make it 7 minutes.
Every song turned into an anthem w the band rushing to the front of the stage like each song was the finale. Fun finish w Twist n Shout. Personally, I would prefer shorter songs so we could hear more of his classics.....Bruuuuuce!

fonzie22 wrote: Clarence was smiling down during Jake's Jungleland solo....great show...Bruce was intense...Racing in the Street was a highlight...Drift Away was a nice surprise...another special performance for Boston...thanks Bruce and band.

Suzy Peabody wrote: what a week in boston! this was the finale, so to speak. the stadium is way too big, but that's not my problem, lol. the show was spectacular, but my least favorite of the three nights. jungle land is tough to take, i would have liked to have seen it retired, or at least played very rarely, and not in a huge stadium, just before lights up.


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