2012-04-04, Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Tommy C wrote: So many great songs both Jersey nights. Night 1 was so damn good, I was fearful of being slightly disappointed with Night 2, but such was not the case.
New material, just sounds better every show.
Bruce and band really put their heart, soul and sweat into those new songs and it pays off big time.
Some great surprises with a blistering Candy's Room, a powerful Jackson Cage, She's the One and the magnificent, Racing in the Streets!
Bruce should be playing that one more often. Simply amazing to watch the band kick in during the outro and take it to another whole level.
Encores were pumped up with Trapped and a little roadhouse trip with Ramrod.
Love the video footage of Big Man and Bruce during 10th Ave--sends chills up and down your spine. A solid show all the way thru.

Jack of Hearts wrote: Blown away! We Take Care of Our Own rocks!
Death to My Hometown is a stomping rocker!
A nice dose of some River songs thrown in with,
Ties that Bind, Jackson Cage and Ramrod. Bring out more from The River. Let's hear Stolen Car,
Point Blank, Sherry Darling and Drive all Night!
Happy to have gotten Candy's Room and Racing in the Street, wow!
Terrific encores.Great tribute to Clarence with both Dancing in the Dark and 10th Ave!
Looking forward to the late summer shows.

gracie wrote: After so many shows you think I'd expect the unexpected. Racing gave me goosebumps Racing? Absolutely one of my best Bruce moments ever Racing? I thought I was tired of the oldies,nope Racing!!!!


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