2012-05-02, Prudential Center, Newark, NJ

Wrecking Ball Tour
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McMurphy wrote: Damn, nearly flawless show.
Band blasted thru No Surrender, We Take Care of Our Own & Badlands!
Timewarp as Bruce led everyone thru Bishop Danced--amazing.
Saint in the City, Candy's Room & She's the One were supercharged and smoking!!
The new material sounds terrific live, some of the best songs Bruce has written. Jack of All Trades, Shackled & Drawn & Rocky Ground are easily highlights from the cd.
Only complaint, Lonesome Day, it kills the momentum.
The Weight!! Wow! What a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to Levon. Outstanding on all levels and should be part of the encores because it fits, it fits with the show's overall theme.
Easily 1 of the best shows of the first leg.
Keep Rocking!


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