2012-04-26, Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Tom Morello guests on "Death to My Hometown", "Jack of All Trades" and "The Ghost of Tom Joad".

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Bryan S. Friesth wrote: Caught this show with my 24 year old son, flew in from Dallas and went right to the "the dump that jumps"...had heard LA crowds are slow to warm-up but from the very first note the crowd was on it...Of course Tom Morello showed and was outstanding on new songs and mesmerized the crowd with his guitar playing on Ghost of Tom Joad. When the band broke into California Sun...I thought the place was gonna blow the walls out. The intimacy felt in this older sports arena is amazing even from high in the last row.

Natalie Johnston wrote: This was the first of my two shows so far, (I was 13 then, 14 now) and it was like...like I was truly living for the first time. People say their first Springsteen show is like hearing music for the first time, and that's exactly what it was for me, only stronger. I completely changed in morals, what I cared about, who I wanted to be. Now I don't really care what others think of my appearance, and I really don't care so much ether. Now I care about global justice, America, the economy, and many others (like when we'll get another Springsteen album). The show converted me 100%, and was great for bonding with my dad. Now we're really close through music, and we both agree The Boss cannot be beat. If Springsteen doesn't win the Grammy for best rock performance, there has got to be something wrong with this world. Tom Morello was also fantastic that night, especially with "The Ghost of Tom Joad." I didn't ever want that night to end, and when it did I knew there was nothing anybody could do to keep me away from another. For those of you who haven't ever seen Springsteen, you have not lived yet.

Bency Abraham wrote: Excellent concert. I love opening with badlands (felt like being back at the dump that jumps during the WOAD tour)then going into we take care of our own. There were many highlights for me such as hearing the ties that bind (underrated opening song), something in the night, a fantastic e street shuffle, easy money & having tom morello jam with bruce on the ghost of tom joad. The encore was awesome & the video tribute to the big man brings tears to a springsteen junkie's eyes.


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