2012-04-12, The Palace of Auburn Hills, Detroit, MI

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Mark E Fresh wrote: Being aware of time and place and the fact that he has always performed epic shows in Detroit , Bruce crushed any doubts that there would be an off night after New York and New Jersey. There is a special place in Bruce's heart for every city on the tour, but Detroit goes all the way back to September 23 1975 with his first appearance in the area in Ann Arbor for his 26 year old birthday show. So with the addition of Badlands, Incident, Youngstown and ThunderRoad to a politically and socially charged set list , Bruce almost levitated the Palace. For the most part the crowd was energized although many fans wanted more classic Bruce. But really what's the point? The hardest working man in show business weaves an American tale night after night and brings his special charm to bear witness to the greatest living American singer songwriter of this generation.


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