2012-04-09, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Al M wrote: Show of the Tour. The Garden Rocked!

Amina wrote: This was my second show of the tour after a break of over 30 years from Bruce shows. Again the Badlands opener took the wallpaper off the walls and it just got better and better. High points for me were hearing Backstreets, which I had never heard live before, and a scorching Because the Night. Outstanding songs from Wrecking Ball included the title song, Jack of all Trades and We Are Alive. Of course Rosalita followed by Born, Dancing and 10th Ave ended the show with the same intensity that began it. How does this man do it at 62 years of age? I need a week long nap. He shows no signs of slowing down.

Tommy C wrote: I'm still high from this show!
Fantastic set, high energy and great seats, what more could anyone want?
Killer versions of Spirit, Thundercrack, Trapped,
Death to My Hometown, She's the One was off the charts and an electrifying Because the Night!
Backstreets! What an awesome song, easily in my top 5. A classic. Got Racing on Izod night 2 and now Backstreets, just need Incident, Drive all Night and Jungleland!!
Great encores with Rosey keeping the supercharged momentum going full tilt.
Still high! Still high!


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