2012-04-06, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Amina wrote: Two days before the show, I got lucky and got very good seats from a ticket drop. This would be my first Bruce show in over 30 years. For two days I was wishing to hear Badlands, my favorite song. Well, he opened with Badlands and I sang, no Shouted the words as did everyone else in the Garden. You could say he sang a duet with the audience. Highlights for me were seeing the second beer chug after Philly, in which he drank TWO fans' beers, the rendition of Murder Inc with duelling guitars bet Bruce and Steve, Johnny 99, Jack of all Trades, Shackled and Drawn, My City of Ruins, 41 Shots, and a long version of Kitty's Back. The audience was on their feet for every song. What a show!! Bruce just won't quit, he gives 110%.


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