2012-03-29, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Bruce chooses his mother as dancing partner for "Dancing in the Dark".

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Kevin wrote: In my opinion, the best show I have ever seen. Bruce rocked the whole night and seeing his mom on stage was AWESOME!

Tommy C wrote: If I am going to rate a Springsteen concert based on how much I am up singing, clapping, sweating and shouting throughout the night, this show was a solid 9!
The new material sounds terrific live. Especially We Take Care of Our Own, Jack of All Trades, Rocky Ground and my fav, Death to My Hometown.
Nicely slotted throughout the night were some very perfect choices of older songs: Night, Prove It, Darkness, Trapped and the delirious Thundercrack!
The threesome of The Rising, We Are Alive and ThunderRoad builds upon the overall theme of the show: those who have passed on, who have made their contributions to this world, their spirit lives on within those of us who continue to do the same. And to add ThunderRoad, a song about taking chances and living in the moment, as well as reminding us all of the contributions of Clarence, that was simply perfect!
Easy Money was the only song I was not crazy about. Would have prefered You've Got It or even an acoustic 2 Hearts for Bruce and Patty.
Kitty rocked and swaggered as usual.
Most touching moment, definitely 10th Ave. Bruce stops the song after singing, "When the Big Man joins the band." and when he dances across the stage alone, without his musical companion there to emphasize the importance of that friendship,it leaves a pang in your heart.
A terrific show start to finish, with a sincere tribute to the Big Man.
Keep on rockin hard!


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