2012-03-23, Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa, FL

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Suzy Peabody wrote: i loved that i had one of the worst seats in the house and that it absolutely didn't matter. i've read all the reviews i could find about the tampa show, and only one has mentioned his talk to me deal with patti, which was pretty damn adorable, and i've heard nothing about the acapella on 634-5789, where everyone was lined up. the harmony was amazing. i don't think i'll ever forget when i heard the first few notes of american skin, i didn't think i'd ever have the chance to hear that live, since it seemed like it had it's time and place. i had mentioned it to the kids sitting next to me, before the show, how in some ways it's one of my favorite recordings. you can hear him breath on it, for god's sake!! emotionally breath!! and the respectful, to the audience, way he said "we need some quiet" anyway, i knew instantly, as did everyone around me, that it was a trayvon tribute.

but maybe one of the top ten emotional highs i have ever had in my life was the way he stopped 10th avenue freeze out. it was insane. you could feel something HUGE and like being a part of something that had a connection to the other side, you just knew we reached the other side. i'm sure it happens every night. i cried three times, the first time, i tried to hide it: if you're here, and we're here, they're here. the second two times, american skin, and 10th avenue, i just gave up, and bawled, and loved it

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