2012-03-18, Philips Arena, Atlanta, GA

Wrecking Ball Tour
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VABOSSFAN wrote: The tour opener...I wasn't too sure what to expect but all I knew was that Bruce was about to begin a new chapter...A new chapter that would bring us down some new roads and yet keep us thrilled with the music we had all grown to love...The crowd was electric with anticipation of just seeing the band walk out...I think the band was waiting to get that moment over as well...You could see a collective thought in all of them...Now it was time to get to work...To bring the people the rock and roll night after night after night.

I had GA and was lucky enough to be in the pit with my good friends bushy,Patty C,and Scott and hot Rhonda...Only 350 in the pit so plenty of room...Kevin Bacon was in the pit as well...It was great to finally hear the new songs live...The highlights for were E Street Shuffle,Thunder Road, and a heart touching Tenth Ave Freeze Out.

Next it is to try to get a few hours sleep and get up early and head for Greensboro. :)


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