2012-07-31, Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland

Wrecking Ball Tour
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"Prove It All Night" features the 1978 style guitar intro. The show clocks in at 4 hours and 6 minutes! Bruce's longest show to date! And that does not include the acoustic set he did earlier in the day.

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Luca wrote: The Number One Performer ever!

200€ for a 45' of Madonna?
naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... 50€ for 4 HOURS of Springsteen is BETTER!

riverdude2 wrote: The word "epic" is often used to describe a show, sometimes it seems justified, sometimes it sounds clichéd.

After some "epic" shows on the European leg of the Wrecking Ball tour, how would the tour closer in Helsinki measure up? It followed two amazing Gothenburg Ullevi shows that for many of those who were there, said they were amongst their best ever.

For those lucky enough (not me unfortunately) to be early into the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, they were rewarded with the appearance of Bruce some 2 hours before the main show eventually started. A 35 minute 5 song acoustic reward for the many fans who travel to so many on a tour.

Bruce always puts on a good show that offers true value for those attending but sometimes, you can see it in his face, hear it in his voice, he's up for a very special evening and Helsinki proved that.

Coming on to the stage at just after 7.50 pm, Bruce said
"Oh man, this is our last stop in Europe, let's do it right, alright?" before opening with "Rocking All Over The World". It seemed like a statement of intent and so it proved.

"Night", "Out In The Street", "Loose Ends" and "Prove It All Night 78 intro" followed and already the show was an exceptional one.

The 3 pack Wrecking Ball songs lead into "My City Of Ruins" where Bruce surely seemingly wanted to freeze time during his spoken interlude. "Time keeps on ticking, ticking away and I'm gonna stand right here, where time can't get me, right in this spot. Don't you move either". Wow, we all felt it!

"Does This Bus Stop", "Be True", "Jack Of All Trades", Downbound Train" and the always incredible "Because The Night" and this show just keeps going.

Even "Lonesome Day" sounds fresher tonight and "Darlington County" always inspires the crowds. A terrific "Light Of Day" keeps it going and "Shackled And Drawn" has been great live on this tour. "Waiting On A Sunny Day" well, crowds love it, Bruce knows it!

Next is "Back In Your Arms" and I think maybe the best I've ever seen Bruce perform a song. The emotion he imparted was breathtaking, he was in a different zone as he at one point turned his back on the audience and let his voice take us away. No great soul or r & b singer of the golden years could have performed this song any better, just stunning!

"The Rising", "Badlands", "Land Of Hope And Dreams" (oh how I love this song!) and "We Are Alive" and we're set for the encores. Already, it's a long show and Bruce says "let's bring it home" before launching into "Born In The USA" and then "Born To Run". The somewhat reserved but adoring Finnish crowd are now really rocking and a great "Detroit Medley", "Glory Days" and "Dancing In The Dark" keep up the pace.

"Tenth Avenue Freeze Out" with the tributes follows and I then expected "Twist And Shout" but Bruce goes to the crowd and pulls a sign for "I Don't Wanna Go Home". He and Steve perform it together, just superb! Bruce says "one more" and it's "Higher and Higher", this is an incredible finish. Jon Landau gets an invite and guitar to join the band on stage and we've now beaten the previous longest show (Madrid 2012). Bruce doesn't want to go home though and an 11 minute "Twist And Shout" with an interlude to celebrate breaking the 4 hour barrier brings this marathon to an end.

This Wrecking Ball tour has been fantastic and of the shows I saw, Madrid had the crazy crowd and a very long show, Vienna had some great songs but Helsinki was very very special and "epic"!


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