2012-07-14, Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park, London, UK

Wrecking Ball Tour
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"Thunder Road" features only Bruce and Roy Bittan. Tom Morello joins Bruce for "Jack of All Trades" and "The Ghost of Tom Joad". John Fogerty joins Bruce for "The Promised Land". Paul McCartney joins Bruce for "I Saw Her Standing There" and "Twist and Shout". The show is cut short by London authorities who, due to a 10:30 p.m. curfew, turned off the sound after "Twist and Shout" even though Bruce clearly wasn't done.

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WOODY wrote: Unplugged & unfair!!!
This was a biter sweet day for me, i lost my best mate to cancer earlier in the year & he was a Beatles fanatic,so when Sir Paul come on & joined Bruce i got a lump in my throat thinking about my old mucker Bill, (we attended dozens of gigs over the years together).The day itself was superb musically.....Bruce was in fine form as usual, some nice surprises (for me anyway) in the set-list, first time hearing "Take them...." Well done to the geezer from Spain. Electic version of "Tom Joad" & to top it all off the two songs with "Sir Paul" i didnt think my jaw could get much lower but after the idiot pulled the plug ....IT DID!!!! Anyway thanks again to Bruce & the band it was a privilege to have been there.

andrew kenward wrote: wow again i leave a bruce concert completely in awe!! was there with my best friend, who i see all bruce concerts with,for him setlist wise, amazing! its allways been our dream to hear the 75 piano version of thunder road, never thought it would happen, when bruce came on stage with just him and roy, i just knew this would be the moment, put a lump in my throat hearing it!! then the rariety of take them as they come, so many great memories in my brothers car with my best mate and him singing that at the top of our lungs, hes living in denmark now and it gain just brought a lump to my throat. i dont know how he does it, the odds are that he shouldnt be that great, but everytime i see bruce he just better and better!! this has truly been the best year, seeing bruce in manchester then hyde park. my girl broke up with me, and hyde park was the 7 month anniversary of us meeting, and it just wiped her out, bruce just lifted me up, made me spit in the face of those badlands, and whilst shouting BRING ON YOUR WRECKING BALL at the top of my lungs he helped me get over it. he will forever be in my opinion the greatest performer/songwriter of all time! they may have cut the power, but they will never cut that feeling in the bottom of your gut that you get when shouting out TRAMPS LIKE US, BABY WE WERE BORN TO RUN! see you further up the road bruce!


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