2012-07-04, Bercy, Paris, France

Wrecking Ball Tour
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"Independence Day" is played in a solo piano version.

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dado765 wrote: I was there, and IMHO this show surpasses - for quality and intensity - the more celebrated Milan show (a little over-rated, always IMHO). Sandy and Independence Day were the two songs I was hoping for in such a special situation, and both were truly heart-stopping - and also the rest of the show seemed (sounded & looked!) to me tighter than the italian date. We'll always have Paris...

chris wrote: The Boss just gets better and better,Independace day just Bruce and a piano, brilliant,unbeatable,they say thursdays concert was better bur july 4th can only be a one off and it was ,it was a privalidge to be there many more concerts to come I hope. Nothing but the best !!


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