2012-06-22, Etihad Stadium, Manchester, UK

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Antony Forst wrote: This was a mind blowing 3 hour 25 minute and 30 song set. Lots of old ones: The E Street Shuffle and Cadillac Ranch were stand out songs.

Bruce always puts 200% into it and it was funny to see him flat out on the sgare near the end, and Stevie squeezing water from a sponge over him!
He never lets us down - one of the wold's greatest performers by a mile.

tim wrote: excellent amazing when will he be in uk after this tour?

John wrote: Travelled up from London for this show and it was worth every mile of the journey. Bruce does not seem to age. Another great show from all the band, if only all groups could put on shows like this !

WOODY wrote: My 43rd show (1st time 1980 wembley arena)of seeing the boss in one guise or another(seeger sessions,solo etc) & once again he never ever lets me down...was feeling a bit apprehensive with this tour (because of no big-man) but the band still rocked like they have at all the other shows i have attended over the years.Clarence would have definaely approved! Roll on Hyde Park & another sunny day!!!!!!

Mick Mutlow wrote: My 15th show & I too was apprehensive. Coming away though my brother & I agreed that was up there with the best of them. Bruce and the band rocked & shook the stadium & Jake, well you fit in so very well mate.

andrew kenward wrote: WOW!!! What an amazing show!!! had to wait about 10 hours in the rain to get in, but it was worth it in the end!! Bruce was crazy, never seen him so energetic!! my 4th show and every time i get to hear songs iv never heard before!! the river, darington county, you can look but you better not touch, the promise!! couldnt ask for anything more!! loving the new band, they have bought a new lease of life to bruce!! very moving tribute to clarence!! finally got to strum his guitar on BTR and pat him on the back!! loved the material too, jack of all trades, shackled and drawn and we are alive in particular!! amazing!! bruce stripping down to his t-shirt, was like the 80s all over again!! im only 20 yet bruces music just reaches all generations!! cant wait for hyde park!!

Nigel wrote: This was a very special concert. Went to both Sunderland and Manchester with my daughter, travelling to Manchester straight after the end of the Sunderland concert to get an early start in the Manchester line. It rained on us solidly all day, miraculously clearing for the concert itself. The conditions were appalling, we resembled a group of Emporer Penguins huddled together against the wind and rain. The fans who organised the line did a tremendous job in what were very difficult circumstances, unfortunately the ordered nature of the line totally broke down when the stadium security staff refused to engage with the fans and Bruce’s own security team. It became a free for all with all doors opening at the same time and the number system overridden by an ill judged decision that frankly placed the security staff and the fans at risk in the rush to get into the pit. I am ashamed this happened in the UK and this was one of my worst experiences after queuing for Bruce’s concerts across Europe and the US.

Bruce and the band, in their own brilliant way, made up for all the trouble. My daughter and I were so fortunate in the end and got second row just left of the central podium. The pit was electric, I love hearing the Badlands theme reverberating through the crowd ahead of the band coming on stage, a sign that the crowd is in top form and ready for a great night ahead. This particular event was exceptional, did Bruce try to make it up to the fans for the pain we all went through earlier in the day?

The set list was the best I have experienced and may never be bettered. Some outstanding moments being: Prove It All Night with the 78 intro; Bruce solo at the piano for the Promise; and Save My Love. More than these though, it was brilliantly balanced, a fantastic combination of sheer joy and hard tough messaging reflecting these difficult times. I loved the change in pace between the hard rocking songs and the Wrecking Ball material with the quieter slower paced interludes of the E Street Shuffle, Spirit In The Night, My City of Ruins and the River.

The best ever concert in the UK? I am not sure about that, it was brilliant and up there with the best I have seen, but it was different. I so miss Danny and The Big Man. We are all growing older and there are different perspectives. It is lovely seeing the younger audience including my daughter in such rapture at these events, their emotion taking me back to the wide eyed awe that I experienced at my first River concert in 1981. The band has evolved, the backing singers and horns providing a fabulous addition to the line up. Jake is such a perfect stand-in for C and was note perfect throughout this concert, and Charlie has slotted in seamlessly. Above all, Bruce’s back catalogue is now so extensive that he can generate these fabulous sets.

There were some memorable moments beyond that exceptional set list, the boy wearing a ‘Believe The Hype’ T shirt singing on Waiting On A Sunny Day and his counting the band back in, Bruce literally trying to hold it all together assisting Curt Ramm with his trumpet’s microphone after he flew head long onto the stage and Steve and Gary in fits of laughter. The icing on the cake, my daughter getting on stage to dance with Jake and give Bruce a huge hug, that stunned me, I had tears in my eyes and found it hard to keep composed. My thanks to those that captured this special moment on you tube, I did not have the presence of mind nor the right camera equipment.

My thanks to Bruce and all in the Band, what a spectacular performance! As always it was wonderful meeting new friends in the line and in the pit and a special thanks to Paul for the coloured pens! Be seeing ya........


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