2012-06-17, Estadio Santiago Bernabï¿œu, Madrid, Spain

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Southside Johnny guests on "Talk to Me" and "Twist and Shout". At reported 3 hours 48 minutes this ranks among Bruce's longest shows ever.

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riverdude2 wrote: The Madrid 2012 show was quite simply the best I've ever seen Bruce and the ESB play in a stadium.

The weather was hot and the audience were in a party mood long before the band finally came onstage. the usual choregraphed chants from a Spanish crowd followed by a series of mexican waves going round one the most impressive stadiums in the world.

When the band and Bruce finally took the stage at 21.35, the roar in the stadium was incredible. Badlands followed by No Surrender was the way to open a show like this and the crowd went crazy.

3 songs from WB followed by MCOR and we were into the first of the wild card selections. Spirit is always great and Be True was a treat. Jack Of All Trades saw the whole of the Bernabeu in darkness apart from vast numbers of cellphone lights and cigarette lighters dotted round the pitch and 6 tiers of the stadium. Quite magical.

Blistering versions of Youngstown, Murder Inc and She's The One saw the crowd back to full on before Bruce introduded Southside Johnny for an elongated, at times very amusing and warm duet on Talk To Me. Rumours before the show suggested that Spanish Eyes might get a world premiere and (staged or not), Bruce grabbed a sign from the crowd and played a great version.

Working On The Highway with a crowd like this couldn't fail and Shackled And Drawn was brilliant.

Waiting On A Sunny Day brought the usual mad crowd response and in this crowd, it was loud. The guest "singer" was a very cute but dazed looking little boy who really only managed to repeat "I'm waiteeeng, waiteeeng (sic) on a sunny day" before Buce rescued him with a look that said "how can it be so off key" but in nice way of course.

The Apollo Medley went down well with Jake doing a seal impression, flopping across the stage at one point.

The River was then played, always fantastic, I only learned subsequently, that Bruce had dedicated it (in Spanish) to the girlfriend and family of a 20 year old boy who'd had tickets for the show but had sadly passed away not long before.

Because The Night and My Love Will Not Let You Down were absolutely red hot versions and the crowd's reactions added to the intensity.

By the time, The Rising, We Are Alive and Thunder Road (really great on this tour) were over, any encores were going to make this a long long show.

I'm glad Bruce played Rocky Ground because some shows have skipped it. The double Born shot of USA followed by Run is and was incredible and the crowd were off the scale by then.

Hungry Heart and a terrific Seven Nights To Rock and of course Dancing In The Dark maintained the energy before Tenth Avenue Freeze Out and an emotional response to the Clarence, Danny tribute possibly finished the show.

With incredibly loud crowd chants and Bruce lying flat on his back onstage, it took two soakings for Bruce from Steve of the magic sponge to revive him to get up and launch into a brilliant version of the ever popular Twist and Shout.

As Bruce and the band took their final bows, I really thought we might get one more. Steve was up for it but when he looked at Bruce, it was obvious Bruce could do no more.

So a quick check on the watch and it's after 25 past one in the morning and the show has become the longest ever in Bruce's career at 3 hours 48.

Such an efficient stadium, we were all outside in minutes into the warm Madrid early morning. All smiles everywhere, we'd seen a very very special show.


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