2012-06-10, Stadio Artemio Franchi, Florence, Italy

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Dylan69 wrote: No one has commented this show yet? Well, it´s about time then! ;-)
After having been to the both WB-shows in Cologne and Berlin I was a little bit saturated and felt the setlists were a little bit to static. So I forced myself not to watch the setlists of the in between shows anymore, to keep up the expectations for the show in Florence. That was a good decision, it worked, although the setlist wasn´t too special - until Backstreets came, one of my alltime favorite Bruce songs. From that song on I was so pumped and happy that even the heavy rain didn´t bother me. But of course what made that show so special was the deluge that came upon us from midshow on. The show started with Badlands at exactly 20:29 and with it the first few drops came down. From song to song the rain got more heavy and from the middle of the show on it was raining cats and dogs. Until Florence I was always very lucky with the weather at Bruce open air shows, it never rained! But this was more than just rain! By the time the encores started we were already so wet and the water was two inches high in my shoes. But who cared? The show went on and on, Bruce in the sining and having fun in middle of the pouring rain. Me, wearing glasses, could hardly see anything. So what! Thousands of people left the stadium long before the end, not us. After Twist and Shout we all thought the show is over and we already headed to the exit but Bruce one more time came back and played "Who´ll stop the rain" for us "fucking die-hards"! After 3,5 hours the show was over and it was my first show that I was happy it was over, not because it was bad or anything like that, but because I was freezing cold!
What a show! What a night! I never thought he could top that show until I witnessed the epic show in Helsinki!


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