1969-11-20, The Center, Richmond, VA

Steel Mill
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Vini Lopez wrote: Those shows were fun. We were all Bozos on that bus. Bruce never got Pissed, we always talked about the music. Nothing anyone did sounded funny to us.

Rob wrote: I was in the opening band for this show (or one of the other Center shows) and I remember it pretty well(huh?) I was a student at VCU. Bruce had an old DanElectro amp that he threw a mic in then re-amped for a great distortion effect. It sounded like it was going to burst into flames. It impressed the heck out of me and I over the years have done this myself. I don?t remember the set Bruce did- sorry. But I do remember they sounded like a typical NY band of that era. Having grown up on Long Island, I thought the band was OK. But Bruce was great and he seemed a little pissed about the sound of the rest of the band. He had a gold Les Paul. I thought he ? was better than Leslie West??

The band I was in was called Spoon River. We were three pieces plus me, the vocalist and harp player. I am sure we sounded funny to those NJ guys. We were doing heavy blues versions of stuff like - 16 tons, Swing low sweet chariot, Amazing Grace ?. The guitar player was genuine musical child prodigy- so good that he later played with Tom Jones in Las Vegas and does some arranging for TV. I still see his name in the credits on the tube When last we spoke he asked me if I remembered opening for Bruce.

I did have a conversation with Bruce and some of the other guys in his band about the Yankees, Mets, Jets- NY sports stuff. After we finished our set Tinker got up in my face and told me how much I sucked. I was 18 at the time and it upset me. Bruce heard the exchange and later told me that Tinker was an asshole and knew nothing about music. He thought my band was pretty good.


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