1974-02-12, University Of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle Tour
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Drummer Vini Lopez is fired from the band after this show causing the cancellation of the next two shows in Ohio.

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bill straub wrote: Small venue -- the ballroom of the student center -- maybe 300 people. I snuck in. A great set, starting with Blinded by the Light and ending with Rosalita. I remember he threw in a rendition of Walking the Dog. Heavily jazz influenced at the time. David Sancious had a particularly good night. After the show, a friend of mine interviewed Bruce for the student newspaper and he expressed particular concern about earning enough money to support the band. A number of performers came through Lexington at the time and those who were there remember it.

Gman wrote: Final concert of Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez as official drummer. Argument before the show escalated into Lopez punching road-manager Steve Appel (brother of band manager Mike). Lopez "asked to resign" after show. Next few Ohio dates cancelled as band returned to NJ. Next gig about 2 weeks later in NJ had Ernest "Boom" Carter debut on drums.


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