1971-05-15, Student Prince, Asbury Park, NJ

The Sundance Blues Band
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Bruce's debut as official member of Steve Van Zandt and Southside Johnny's Sundance Blues Band. The show - there are actually two shows that night - takes place on the same day as Dr. Zoom & the Sonic Boom performs its second and final show.

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Albee Tellone wrote:
(note: the song Southside Shuffle was mistakenly named "Pretty Little Woman" on the bootleg cd)

This is the show where the bootleg is derived from, not the night before at the Sunshine In. Although the set would have been pretty much the same. This was a student outdoor "festival type" production at Newark State College (now Keane College) called the Ernie the Chicken Festival. I don't know why they called it that.It was an excuse for an all-day, outdoor party extravaganza featuring several Jersey Shore bands.

This was the final performance of DR ZOOM & THE SONIC BOOM including SUNNY JIM and ODIN. A very good quality soundboard tape of most of the Dr Zoom set has been in circulation since the early 1990's and can be found on the CD boot "The Bruce Springsteen Story, Vol 5 - Dr Zoom & The Sonic Boom" (E.ST). The liner notes of the bootleg incorrectly lists the audio as emanating from the previous night?s performance at The Sunshine In ? however this audio is definitely from the outdoor (not indoor) Dr Zoom show. Steven Van Zandt can be heard jokingly warning the campus Ambulances (who were parked nearby) to get ready as Bruce opens the show with some screeching guitar.

Steve plays some outstanding slide guitar on this and Bruce plays straight lead. David Sancious kills the keyboards as usual. Bobby Feigenbaum does a fine job on the tenor sax. I played some sax too but got in a lot of cowbell time and backup vocals sharing a mic with Southside honkin' on the harmonica. Garry Tallent gets to do a Tuba solo on the Zoom Song. The only member you really don't hear is Johnny "Hotkeys" Waasdorp on keyboards. He kept a low profile next to David. The Zoomettes were 5 ladies and there were 4 or 5 male singers too called the Zoom Chorus.

We were all very hungover at this show. The night before we drank a lot of alcohol before, during and after the concert. We didn't get much sleep and had to drive about 40 miles the next morning to go to Union NJ where the college was located. But once we got there and got situated we had a good show. It was a total zoo. A very good time was had by all.

If you listen closely to the boot with headphones, you can hear a lot of joking around between band members, especially Southside and Maddog. Bruce had to do an acoustic number called "Look Toward the Land" at one point because 2nd drummer Bobby Williams broke his bass drum pedal. You can hear him holler out "I broke my pedal !" Bruce stalled for time by singing solo with an acoustic guitar while Bobby fixed it. Pictures from this show can be viewed at www.castiles.net

Albee Tellone


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