2009-10-29, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

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Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary show. Sam Moore joins for "Hold On I'm Comin'" and "Soul Man". Tom Morello joins for "The Ghost of Tom Joad", "London Calling" and "Badlands". John Fogerty joins for "Fortunate Son" through "Pretty Woman". Darlene Love joins for "A Fine, Fine Boy" and "Da Do Ron Ron". Billy Joel joins for "You May Be Right" through "New York State of Min". Everyone joins for "Higher and Higher".

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Christina wrote: I have never been a huge fan of Bruce, but after seeing him at the 2 Hall of Fame concerts, I think that he was the highlight of the show. He was not a showman but a true entertainer. I fell in love :)

Tom Cantillon wrote: The concert as a whole was one of the most amazing shows I've been to. Stellar performances by everyone.
Went in thinking I wasn't going to enjoy CNY, but they were very good. Working with Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt really added to the portion of their show.
Their songs set the theme for the night about how universal, meaningful and important music is as a whole as it not only allows for us to have a good time, but also reflects upon what's happening in our society and world and how it effects all of us. Timeless and essential.
The video clips helped visually to highlight the overall theme that each group and performer must have felt as they landed on stage and presented their chosen songs.
Simon & Garfunkle were amazing!
One of the highlights of the evening was listening to them sing Sounds of Silence and Bridge Over Troubled Water. During their set, which also included Dion and Little Anthony and the Imperials, you got a sense that the show was not only about showcasing talented musicians and celebrating music, but also about celebrating how New York contributed to those particular artists and their sounds.
In a way, indirrectly, it also felt a little like a concert that was there to still add a little healing to us all after the 9/11 tragedy.
Stevie Wonder, along with BB King, John Legend, Jeff Beck and Sting all did an outstanding job grooving and rocking to those old Stevie Wonder classics--a real treat getting to see him perform. Loved Higher Ground, Superstition and even his heartfelt tribute to Michael Jackson. A genuine moment that made the night even more special.
Then came Springsteen thundering on stage with a rousing 10th Avenue, followed by high octane versions of Hold On and Soul Man, as Sam Moore joined him--amazing performance.
A seering Ghost was followed by hard-rockin' versions of Fortunate Son and Proud Mary, with Fogerty adding some muscle to the performace.
Bruce and Fogerty paired up for a fantastic tribute to Roy Orbision with a stellar Pretty Woman.
Jungleland--a supercharged, passionate version!
Darlene Love joined the band for some fun times before Bruce got gritty again with a fantastic London Calling and blistering Badlands.
Billy Joel joined the band for a few tunes, one being a jazzy, passionate New York State of Mind, before launching into a rocking Born to Run and over-the-top performance of Higher and Higher.
6 hours later, I left feeling I'd been to not only a rock show, but a night that celebrated all the good things about music and its ability to change the lives of those who listen to it.
The artists celebrated that New York atmosphere in all its glory, but also paid tribute to a city that has seen both its triumphs and sorrows, yet remains a source of inspiration from those early doo wop groups, to the romanticism and hard-rocking tunes of Bruce and Joel and all those who have come in between and will continue to come and produce music that truly matters.


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