2009-11-22, HSBC Arena, Buffalo, NY

Working on a Dream Tour
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Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ is played in full. Willie Nile guests on "Higher and Higher".

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Johan Vigren wrote: Wow, and it all ends with a bang. Must have been a great show, setlist-wise.
I Don't Want to Hang Up My Rock 'n' Roll Shoes was last played at Civic Center sep. 3, 1978, which is the only time at a "real" show as far as I know.

Don wrote: INCREDIBLE! That's the only way to describe this show, my 20th. I made the 5 hour drive with the girlfriend and boy was it worth it. I was a little worried that this being the last show of the tour that they would take it easy and just breeze through the night. Boy was i wrong, but that's just Bruce and the E Street Band for you. They opened with a bang and never let up. They only down time to the whole night was the slow songs of The Angel and Mary Queen from the album, in the first hour of the show. After that it was just rockin' good fun for the next 2 hours plus. Words can't describe the energy and feeling you get from a Springsteen and E Street Band concert. After 3 and a half hours you still want more. But all good things must come to an end. I spent the next 5 hours driving home wondering just maybe that Bruce and the boys can't go any higher. They have hit all cylinders and climbed that mountain and reached the peak. After almost 40 years of perfecting their craft, they are the true masters of Rock And Roll. Name me one artist who at 60 years old body surfs across the pit and plays for 3 and a half hours? Hats off to The Boss And The E Street Band.

Tod Spiegelberg wrote: Saw the Toronto , Detroit and the Buffalo show was the best for last.
Drove over 2 hours to get to HSBC and got home around 4 am due to
the Border line up. The set list was the best on this tour ever. Santa did come to Buffalo via the E-street Band. Highlights Thunder Road, Spirit In The Night and BOOM BOOM. Where was Miss Patti Scalfia we all thought she should have been there. I am so Bless to see this great show from the Boss and also were I live here in Ontario Canada. 5 + Stars on this one Boss.

Duke Drayson wrote: This was an incredible evening. Period. We luckily won access to the Pit and this was as
good as it gets. Bruce and the Band were magical. Any other major acts out there playing three and a half hour shows with no warm-up act and no intermission? Didn't think so!

Jeff wrote: Cant stress enough how special this evening was. Mike Appel in the audience, Greetings, Stevie's Birthday, Restless Nights, 33 songs, The BTR pose, a rare WOAD song, Rock-n-Roll Shoes! And if that wasnt enough, I didnt make the lottery for the pit, but remember, this is a special night . . . 5 minutes before the band hits the stage, a roadie comes up to me at my lone space at the back of the floor, asks if I am there alone, I told him that I was, he then hands me a pit wristband and says "Merry Christmas!" God bless us, everyone!

Andrew Kenward wrote: If I knew that this was what turned out to be the last show that clarence played id have been there in a shot. im only 19, have only been a fan since about 2005, yet bruces music and clarences sax have played an integral roll in my music an life. my dream is for bruce to send him off the way it should be done, onn stage with all us there to pay our respect to his life and music and above all to have a good time and rock our troubles away. i think clarence would like that.


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