2009-11-20, 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD

Working on a Dream Tour
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The Born to Run album is played in full.

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PeteinDE wrote: If you were't there, shame on you! This was one of the great ones. Born to Run was performed perfectly. We really lived th?t album tonight. The band was relentless, and better than ever. You could feel their emotion. Little Stevie did not want it to end, and Clarence was hugging the boss for 10 minutes. The big man was impeccable tonight...his solo on Jungleland was one for the ages.This will go down as one of the top 3 shows of all time for me ! Even Max's hair got messed up.

Tom Cantillon wrote: "Endless juke joints and Valentine drag
where dancers scraped the tears up off the street dressed down in rags..."
A killer, classic, kickass show from start to finish!
Bruce and band were at the top of their game tonight and loving it.
Blistering Prove it All Night came early before a stellar performance of the Born to Run album.
A beautiful Thunder Road led into a high-energy 10th Ave and Night. Then came a truly magnificent version of Backstreets, rising in intensity with each stanza. A high-powered Born to Run crashed into a smoking She's the One! By this time, they were on fire and we were all happily burning with them.
During meeting you couldn't hear another sound. Then Jungleland exploded and the whole world disappeared! I am so glad I got the chance to see this classic album performed one last time, an experience all its own.
Bruce made some very smart choices next, which made the show even better. Sometimes you go to the show and have to worry if the momentum is suddenly going to drop because of a particular song choice, but Bruce chose well this night.
A killer Spirit took us all down to greasylake for some midnight loving. A very loose, groovy Green Onions was a surprise, which took us into a fun-filled Santa and stomping E Street Shuffle. Next, another surprise and great choice, For You on piano! A highlight of the evening with a doubt. Standing there watching Bruce perform this, I felt as if I were in the arena by myself bearing witness to a truly intimate moment. Bravo!
Radio Nowhere was ok, but the hard-driving My Love shifted the show into overdrive; another excellent choice by Bruce as his performer instincts took over. A powerful Long Walk was another highlight--just amazing. By the time Badlands came along, I was surprised the place was still standing.
Ramrod--another great choice, but oddly placed. I think if he'd played Hard Times, Land and American Land first, then tore into Ramrod, Dancing, Rosie and Higher, the energy level would have shot us all into the stratosphere.
Getting ready to leave, I watched Bruce and Clarence hug and share the moment, which was very touching, then Bruce ran over and began waving frantically for his guitar because it was time for another one, Glory Days, with a little Louie, Louie kicked in to send us home rocking into the night and realizing this was truly one of the best damn shows of the tour!
Over 160 shows down the road and this tour has easily been the best thing they've done in the past 10 years. Playing classic albums night after night helped to create some very memorable shows. Night 1 at GS, hearing the Born to Run album for the first time start to finish was unbelievable. Night 2 with a smoking Darkness set was a highlight. A magnificent performance of Wild, Innocent & E Street Shuffle at MSG was jawdropping. And my favorite show of the tour and easily in my top 3 of all shows--The River night at MSG. That show left me speechless and high for over a week.
Sorry I missed Buffalo, would have really liked to have seen the last tour show. But at least I caught this one in Baltimore and am glad I did.
Thanks Bruce and band once again for saving our rock 'n' roll souls and giving, me, us, your fans, many, many nights of amazing rock 'n' roll memories.
Enjoy the break. Write some new material. We look forward to seeing YOU AND THE E STREET BAND soon, further on down the road.

Barry Galvin wrote: Absolutely a delightful show! I believe that was Clarences final public performance of Jungleland! One of my favorite shows! Stevie on Long Walk Home was fabulous!


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