2009-06-28, Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park, London, UK

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Bruce joins Gaslight Anthem before his own show.

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alice wrote: just bruce being bruce,
as good as always. can't wait for Dublin.

londonrob wrote: As close as I've been to the man since 84. My 13th show in 25 years I thought he was on great form. Trapped was amazing, pitty I had to move away from the front for a call of nature just as jungleland was starting up !

Andrew Kenward wrote: an amazing high energy show from start to finish. oppening up with london calling was interesting, but badlands kicked it out the window. first time hearing both night and shes the one so they were deffinate highlights for me. then came the standout version of outlaw pete with great solo by steve. out in the street realy got the crowd going then a great lead into working on a dream (a lot better live than on cd). the power trio of seeds, jonny 99 and youngstown was amazing with a draw dropping solo from nils. then came the requests bobby jean an amazing trapped and my favourite out of the three no surrender with the suprisingly good gaslight anthem. then came the crowd pleasing waiting on a sunny day where bruce got the mic to a little boy who was too afraid to sing and of course the always great promise land. then another surprised request racing in the street which blew me away. radio nowhere was extreamly powerful. lonesome day, the rising and born to run were amazing with a surprise rosie. hard times was good as a encore opener. after hard times bruce saw the sign that me and my friend were holding up JUNGLELAND and he pointed at it and said "give me that sign and went into the amazing rendition of jungleland because of me!!!! americanland was good but glory days and dancin in the dark destroyed hyde park, in all he came he sang he conqured!!!!!!!!! cant wait till next time bruce and thanks for choosing my sign!

Graham wrote: Great show, Jungleland was a bonus, i also think he did good lovin after \youngstown

nigel lawry wrote: Cracking 3hr solid show cannot belive they did a set this good so soon after blasting away gladstonbury less than 24hrs ago.
Bruce and the e street on top form it was a hot muggy day that turned into a rock fest clarence could not stop smiling he really enjoyed himself as did the whole park .
Just one thing not previously mentioned was that they did the three hour set without taking a break..freeking amazin
Thanks bruce and e street for a cracking show

Stu metcalfe wrote: It all just get better and better - great day -truely great perfomance-3 hour set no encore as the full band never actually left the stage - Never heard Racing and Jungeland played better in all my Bruce watching.Great fun moments - Bruce and Steve acting like kids in the playground - Bruce asking for a fucking elevator as the stage steps were so high and asking for brother steve to come back as he left the stage in a fit of giggles - roll on the 2010 tour !!

London calling was a great show opener

Rabbi Rizzle wrote: Seen the Boss 10 times now and Hyde Park was perhaps the best ever. So many highlights in one 3 hour party. How the hell does he do it? 24 hours after storming Glastonbury. The best live performer in the world. Come back soon Bruce!

paul doughty wrote: Apparently the band had not arrived in London after Glastonbury till 5.00 am on the Sunday morning ! Hyde park was a top show , and at 10.05 pm after 2 hours 55 minutes on stage , after Dancing in the Dark , you could tell Bruce was flying and didn't want to stop - but the curfew brought the show to an end......and what a shame , as we learnt later that Jon Bon Jovi had been waiting in the wings ready to come on for Hungry Heart - but the boss ran outta time ! Wonderful show , and as we all keep saying ,how does he do it ? !

Ryan Wakley wrote: amazing show couldnt work out what the opener was until bruce started singing and what an opener it was.amazing energy throughout loved the hand waving during WOAD and Bobby Jean would have loved the river but got Racing instead not a bad swap lol best ahow i have ever been to just beating emirates 2nd night

paul doughty wrote: Of all the you tube clips on the web and the many of the opening number , it is worth checking out the 4 mins 32 secs clip of London Calling , taken from approx 50m back . Great moment when the crowd click what the track is after about 5 to 10 seconds and then a rousing 'we live by the river !' from the massed ranks . There is also a great version of 'Racing' taken from close up , excellent footage and the full 9 minutes . A guy stood next to me turned and told me this was his absolute favourite Bruce song . 'Totally agree' , I replied . 'and I'm even having it played at my funeral !' Keep rockin' .

salvo paris wrote: The setlist forgets the cover of Grateful dead "good lovin'"

dave woof wrote: great show-brilliant set list,the next day by accident i stumbled across a hotel and i met....stevie roy and nils great guy`s who took there precious time to talk to a small crowd who were waiting and signed my hard rock ticket stubs,alas no sign of bruce must have been tired !

mark lancaster wrote: Just as good as the dvd. Great venue on a sunny day, roll on wrecking ball!


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