2009-10-20, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Working on a Dream Tour
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The Born in the USA album is played in full. Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez plays drums on "Spirit in the Night".

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Chris wrote: Best I've ever seen... a fine tribute to "one of the last great rock and roll arenas." I have new appreciation for BITUSA now... Nils and Bruce ripping solos on Cover Me was a high point among many... Bruce's mom is a better dancer than Courtney Cox, and showed it during Dancing in the Dark... After the album ended, things kept getting better... for me, hearing Darlington County, Kitty's Back, and Rosalita in the same night was something I never dreamed of. Higher and Higher is an all time great,and the ESB did it more than justice. Loose Ends was a nice surprise, and "Mad Dog" Lopez took his job back for a moment on Spirit... very cool.

The audience was great, singing and dancing all night... very special on Save the Last Dance.

If the concert had ended with Kitty's Back (great extended solos), it would have been phenomenal... every song after that felt more and more like a stolen piece of cake for dessert... unbelievable. 3 1/2 hours with no break... how do they do it?

Mike wrote: My third Bruce show and Bruce's last show at the Spectrum. The fastest 3 hours and 15 minutes in history. Incredible performance of the entire Born in the USA album. That was the highlight of the night for me. The rest of the show was fun although it seemed strange to play non-stop and give the newer songs the same focus as the classics.

tom wrote: Was so glad i waited to see the finial spectrum show rather then hersey or one of the spring shows. OMG fell twice dancing and didnt even care. Was so amazed for the entire show. Momma look so amazing. I am thinking if his mom can be lifted on stage and dance like that at her age then just maybe Bruce can go till he is 80. For me the highlight of the night was the beginning and low point was that he didnt play for 4 hours.

Danny wrote: Never thought I would attend a show as good as the 12/9/80 show at the Spectrum. This was as good maybe better> his last show at the Spectrum my last Bruce show ever> after being a fan for over 30 years and attending countless shows around the country,the journey has come full circle. It was a hell of a ride! What a way to go out with this incredible show!

Dane wrote: What a fun time!!!


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