2009-10-19, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Working on a Dream Tour
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The Born to Run album is played in full.

Eyewitness accounts

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Gerald Horgan wrote: Great Great concert. Here are some pics from the show


Tom Cantillon wrote: What a fun time! The main set--amazing, full of great surprises.
When you Walk in the Room, 2 Hearts and My Love were a great tripleplay for opening the show.
The Born to Run songs just keep sounding better, more powerful, alive, passionate. An emtionally charged Backstreets, sizzling She's the One and killer Jungleland are without a doubt a highlight of the album's performance.
Saint in the City--smoked!
I Wanna Marry You--wow! Beautifully performed, a real treat.
All Shook Up, complete with Elvis, just had the place going nuts. Be a great encore song during the rest of the tour.
A powerful Rising, Badlands and No Surrender closed a great main set.
The encores were somewhat less impressive until they lit up the place with a kickass Rosey and You Can't Sit Down, but for the stretch during the encores, the fire just wasn't there.


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