2009-11-13, The Palace, Detroit, MI

Working on a Dream Tour
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Born to Run is played in full.

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Bency Abraham wrote: Friday Night in Auburn Hills to see Bruce & he didn't disappoint. It was bizarre for him to call detroit "ohio" a few times but he playfully acknowledged he didn't know where he was at. The setlist was solid although as someone who is from detroit I don't think bruce needed to remind us of MI's economic malaise by playing hard times, johnny 99. Hearing Born To Run was absolutely spectacular, it's such a great album. I was surprised that Waiting On A Sunny Day wasn't played after jungleland but hearing working on the highway and raise your hand was great. The requests were purely detroit with bruce covering bob seger's ramblin' gambling man, detroit medley & because the night which is a great song. I could have done without lonesome day as I was hoping for long walk home but to close the main set with the rising & badlands was awesome. The encore was great, the audible for Born In The USA was tremendous, such a great song. To close out the show with Dancing In The Dark, Rosalita, Higher & Higher was simply wonderful.

Don wrote: Took the girlfriend to see Bruce for the first time, my 19th time. She was very excited and pumped, like me. The first 3 songs to open the show just got her going even more. A flying start to say the least. During Hungry Heart and his body surfin' thru the pit, she couldn't believe it. I let her borrow the Born To Run album her get her acquainted with the songs and when he broke out with Thunder Road, she was ready. She thought it was funny when he kept calling Detroit Ohio, but every front man's worst nightmare came true for Bruce. But in true Bruce fashion, he made it up to the crowd by feeding off the goof up. He sure can turn a negative in a positive in a hurry. It was almost like he did it on purpose just to get the crowd that much more pumped. The request sure made up for the mistake with Detroit's own Bob Seger's Ramblin' Gamblin' Man, and the always crowd pleaser Detroit Medley. The way Bruce can play an old song right into a newer one, well he just might be the best at it. To go from Because The Night into Lonesome Day and The Rising back into Badlands without a pause truly sets himself apart. It was like he wrote them all in the same day. The encore was none stop energy and a great way to say 'sorry'.


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