2009-11-10, Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH

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The Born to Run album is played in full.

Eyewitness accounts

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Jenny wrote: I can't stop grinning about the concert last night!
It was just awesome-I didn't want it to end.
The people next to me named their dog Rosalita-I thought that was funny-mostly they call her 'Rosie" but when their angry at her -it's Rosalita-met some great folks, had a great time!

Ruth Fulkerson wrote: this was truly a "magical night. The band was electrifying. I have gone to 8 Bruce Springstreet concerts over the last 30 years and this was greatest ever; I did not want the evening to end. Great Great show.

cindy wrote: amazing, amazing show. i"m still on cloud nine. he took my sign...he played my song.... pink cadillac. MY HOT PINK SIGN was at his feet as he played. wish i could have gotten a picture. the whole concert was the best we've been too....but i always say that after everyone.(9 and countin).

Chris wrote: I agree with Ruth. I been going to Springsteen Concerts since 1984. This was the best one I ever attended

Joe wrote: It's been ten months since I took my son to this concert, traveling from the West Coast to see it. It was worth every mile. Two memorable moments: hearing "Back in Your Arms" like only Bruce can do a song live, and Bruce and Clarence being the last ones to leave the stage and their final wave. Will I ever see that again?


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