2009-11-07, Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

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The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle is played in full. The show features both a horn section and a string section. Elvis Costello guests during "Higher and Higher". Richard Blackwell guests on "New York City Serenade" playing conga.

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Tom Cantillon wrote: Wow! Wow! "Sparks fly on E Street when the boy prophets walk it handsome and hot..." and man, did sparks fly tonight in the Garden as Bruce and band lit up the place with a phenomenal performance of The Wild, Innocent and E Street Shuffle.
A rousing Thundercrack opened the show, followed by a seering Seeds and Prove it all Night.
But once Bruce and band settled into the E Street Shuffle, complete with horns, the place was groovin' and ready for the ride, and what a ride they gave us.
A beautiful Fourth of July led into one of the most energized performances of Kitty's Back I've ever seen them do--they just kept on rockin' it and jazzing it up to another whole level.
Easily one of the best renditions of Incident they've ever done. The song is a romantic masterpiece from start to finish and they played it as such. The band just flowed with it, making those dark, secretive, street corners of New York come alive with the plight of the 2 young lovers.
A rousing Rosey led into a captivating version of New York City Serenade, complete with a string section that was hauntingly beautiful and a highlight of the evening.
The performance of just the album itself will be remembered as an epic moment in the cataloge of Springsteen performances. Words are inadequate to faithfully describe that section of the concert.
Does this Bus Stop fit nicely with the theme of the show, as did a smoldering Human Touch.
But the encores were somewhat uninspiring. There are so many great tunes that would make for a great encore and I just don't understand why the same Bobby Jean and Dancing have to be played. Mix it up more. Throw in 10th Avenue,
Light of Day, Stand on It or even All Shook Up, which was so much fun down in Philly.
Higher and Higher was great, but by then, so much of the initial energy had vanished that it was hard to get the Garden back to that glorious moment in which we all felt a little Wild, Innocent and E Street Shuffle magic.


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