2009-11-03, Time Warner Cable Arena, Charlotte, NC

Working on a Dream Tour
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The Born to Run album is played in full.

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John Hocking wrote: I am frustrated because either the English language itself, or my facility with it, are completely inadequate to express how great the Magic and Dream concerts have been. It is not uncommon to read long time fans claim that you haven't seen Bruce Springsteen at his peak unless you saw him [during some early tour they witnessed].

I think this is arrogant nonsense. I have seen multiple shows on every tour since Darkness in 1978 - Chalotte was number 58 - and I have never seen anyone, including Bruce, play more intense or better shows. than those he is doing now.

I walked out of the Fox Theater in Atlanta on September 30, 1978 and the arena in Charlotte last Tuesday night feeling exactly the same way; that I had just experienced the greatest rock & roll that has ever been or ever will be.

Obviously the shows are different. Hell, I'm different. The shows in late April in Atlanta and early May in Greensboro with different than the Charlotte show, different in many ways *except* their sheer, stunning greatness.

It's no longer the, "Working on a Dream," tour. Only the albums title song was played. The tour is now grander than that.

Born to Run, the album, one of the most magnificent achievements in Rock, was absolutely perfect. Not one note was out of place. As great as the songs on the album, the whole is much more than the sum of those songs. It is easy to forget this when hearing the songs piecemeal. Every song was made better by being played in the original sequence, She's the One is a different and far better experience when it followed Born to Run, the song; Jungleland has never sounded better than when following Meeting Across the River (which I had never heard live).

The arena was not sold out and if ever there was a show through which to coast a little, this could have been the one. Bruce doesn't know how to coast. I don't think he could do it if he tried.

Intended or not, for me, the show had a feeling of finality, as if Bruce realizes this *might* be the last Big E-Street Band Rock Tour. I doubt if he knows for sure, but if it is, he's taking the band out with a bang, with special shows, transendental shows, that those there will never forget.

I hope that we soon have professional videos of these performances. Nothing can ever match being there, but even with the limitations of television, I think everyone deserves to see shows like Charlotte.


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