2009-10-14, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Working on a Dream Tour
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The Darkness on the Edge of Town album is played in full.

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Turk wrote: I don?t know if it was because I had great seats, front row behind the stage, or because Bruce pointed at me, but this was a top two all time shows for me. The whole darkness in sequential order, unreal!!!!! Played to the t!!! Streets of fire ? you hear that every ten years ? I never heard it played. The rocky theme before Rosie ? only in Philly Brother ? you had to be there!!

Adriana wrote: This was my ninth show and though I've been ecstatic after ALL the shows this one has left me with the most lasting joyful feeling...I hadn't really appreciated Darkness that much until I heard it played live wednesday night... Racing in the streets was exquisite, especially Roy and Max and Charlie in the extended coda. And Darkness has never been finer. Though the encores were shorter than other shows they were intense and made the crowd deleriously happy. Sherry Darling was a totally fun romp. And Ramrod with the Philly references swapped into the lyrics...I was over the moon. Can't wait to see him on Monday and am hoping to get tickets for Tuesday's show as well. GO IF YOU CAN...I think it'll be a few years before they tour again. I had an extra ticket and couldn't find a single person willing to go...no one wanted to be tired the next day at work. Talk about guys who just give up living...


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