2009-10-13, The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Working on a Dream Tour
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Born to Run album is played in full.

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Nik Everett wrote: I just got in the door from this Philly show and I really feel like I witnessed one of the greatest rock shows ever and that comes from a long long fan who has seen Bruce countless times since the 70's. The highlights other than an inspired rendition of the entire BORN TO RUN album were "Out In The Street" "Badlands" "Bobbie Jean" and "No Surrender". The surprises and rarities were the opener "Seaside Bar Song", "The Fever", "This Hard Land" and "Because The Night".

The energy from the entire band rivaled the classic E Street era from the 70's and 80's and Bruce is still playing, dancing and singing like he is 20. Most impressive from a man who just made the cover of AARP. Call me blown away.....

Paul wrote: WOW! Whatta night!

Mark wrote: I've been to 9 shows, but never witnessed Meeting Across the River. What a great song live. The horns where amazing

Bo wrote: I was disappointed in my last Spectrum show, but did Bruce ever make up for that! The tremendous intensity and energy of the "Born to Run" segment, add the "Seaside Bar Song", and watch the Band have fun with "Lil Bit of Soul". And I never tire of watching Nils nail "Because the Night".
My 48th show, and easily top 5 for me!!!


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