2009-09-20, United Center, Chicago, IL

Working on a Dream Tour
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The Born to Run album is played start to finish in this special show.

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Teresa wrote: Bruce and the band set a truly blistering pace. Right out of the gate they launched into 'Seeds,' jumped right into 'No Surrender,' and whipped the pit into a frenzy with 'Johnny 99.' Bruce laughed off a kind of sloppy 'Working on a Dream,' (which is kind of a throwaway song at the point) and then got down to business. Hard to believe that in 1975 'Born to Run' was the band's make or break album. Fortunately for all of us it cemented his career and for anyone who attended his concerts from the mid-70's his decision to play the album in its entirety is such a welcome decision. Every word, every note has a special meaning. Last night in Chicago Bruce and the band played each song with such feeling and reverence I was feeling somewhat alarmed that he was trying to tell his audience something. Let's hope not. From the opening strains of 'Thunder Road' to the closing roar of 'Jungleland' Bruce took his audience for an amazing ride.
And that was just the first half of the 3-plus hour show. The band's energy was met head-on by the crowd's enthusiasm and the nearly blew the roof off the UC. By the time 'Rosalita' was put to bed we were drained and energized at the same time. Bruce: 60 and still slaying the crowds.

bronxkid1 wrote: I had my doubts (although small) about the whole BTR thing after hearing the boot from Count Basie but I thought it came off as one of the most memorable hours in my 31 year Bruce history. There was something magical about hearing it cover to cover; it just made you present to the absolute greatness of the album. Yes, it was done with somewhat "album versions" but it was very passionate and powerful. Thunder Road, Backstreets and Jungleland were all amazing but Meeting Across The River really did it for me (and I heard it last year in Milwaukee with Richard as well). Last night though, it was so freaking cool; the original bass as well as just an outstanding trumpet throughtout. I've always loved Meeting and I've always believed it to be one of Bruce's most underrated songs. Well last night proved me right again (as always my wife would say). Just amazing. The rest of the night was also great; extremely energetic and the crowd interplay was actually the best I have ever seen in my 27 shows. Bruce in the pit 100 fans deep, wow.Never seen that before, ever! Bringing all those kids up to sing and dance! On the lip of the stage half the night it seemed. OK, I could have picked a better setlist (a lot of the songs were either too predictable such as The Rising, etc. or songs I would not pick to hear such as Seeds, Goin Down and about 5-6 others, at least) but hey I don't get to pick the setlist (too bad for you all) so the complaint is very minor compared to the greatness of the evening. And did I mention Da Doo Run Run. Awesome!!!!!! Bruce is the Crytals channeled. Enough said. Happy 60th.

Julie in Indy wrote: Wow! What a night! Got into the pit and was three back from the stage so this was even more meaningful than ever. Can not cite one weak song except DITD but it works for the more casual fan and does bring the energy level up. Truly memorable. The rapport within the band is just wonderful to observe - truly a great band.

William wrote: I have pics around the stage area for those who were there only. Just email me whiland22@aol.com & I will forward to you. FREE. Thanks!

MHB wrote: My grateful appreciation to Robin for taping the kids on stage for DITD. Her first-ever YouTube vid is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoHdEIKcFa8. My son is in the funny shorts; nephew is the one in matching shirt. Thanks to Bruce for making this moment possible.

Jeff wrote: Have seen over 100 Bruce shows over the past 35 years; first one was February 1975 at Widener College. Never had anything other than a great time at any one, but this one was was something special-- even though we didn't have seats in the pit, my "spousal equivalent" and I brought a request sign for "Da Doo Ron Ron". The Band had never played it previously, but it seemed a natural for them (what with the made-for-Clarence sax solo and the wall-of-sound sound), so we gave our request sign a try. If you don't know the rest, check the set list and/or youtube. One of my absolute best Bruce nights!


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