2009-09-12, Ford Amphitheatre, Tampa, FL

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Lyle wrote: Man... what a show! It was No. 21 for me, No. 1 for my companion, and I was hoping for something representative of how good the guy is. Instead, he puts on three hours that even blew me away. I hadn't ready anything on the tour going in, so I wasn't away of the setlist and the thing with the signs up front requesting deep tracks. So that was a cool novelty. And man, did he do some great stuff. Jole Blon! All of Nothing at All! Seeds! She's the One! Racing in the Street! And closing with Thunder Road!!! Unreal. Just when I thought 20 shows had cured my addiction, I think it might be flaring up again. Thanks a lot, guys. =)

Matt wrote: My first Springsteen concert and I had a blast! What a wonderful night in Tampa, wonderful setting, fantastic playlist, it all just blew me away. I always new he was a solid performer but 3 hours, I mean, c'mon - to keep up that kind of energy and passion for 3 hours just amazes me. It was every bit as good as I dreamed it would be - and then some. I can't wait to go to another one of his shows, too bad I live in the UK! :o)


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