2009-08-19, Comcast Theatre, Hartford, CT

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mark kronewitter wrote: Although I have been listening to Bruce since the early 70's I have not experienced him live until this show. I have been attending concerts for the better part of 45 years and have seen just about everything, so I went out of curiosity more than anything. Many performers are more hype than substance so I tempered my expectations despite hearing that his live shows were exceptional. How wrong I was, and I must admit that I now regret waiting so long to see him. Although he's an aging geezer like me, he exhibits the energy of a 20 year old. The chemistry he has with his audience and the attention he pays to them during his 3 hour marathon are incredible. This guy really enjoys what he's doing and is genuinely affectionate toward his fans. You can't fake that sort of thing for 3 straight hours. In addition, his band was very tight. All are exceptional individual musicians who function like a single organism. I tip my hat to him and his band. They are truly an American institution. To all of you who have not yet seen him live, get off your butts and go now. Don't wait for 40 years like I did.

Paul V. wrote: Have NEVER had the opportunity to see Springsteen live...until Wednesday night in Hartford. Center section, less than 100 ft from the stage....PHENOMENAL show. The crowd was a rockin'...watched the show in awe. Worth every minute of the 10 hour drive 1 way. I would have picked a few more classics for the set list, but that's why he's " the Boss ". I'll see him anytime I get the chance. Props to the rest of the E Street Band, too. Especially Max....You're a MACHINE, man


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