2009-10-09, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Working on a Dream Tour
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Born in the USA album is played in full.

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Tom Cantillon wrote: "We got rock 'n' roll music blastin' from the T-top..."
Bruce and band tore thru the Born in the USA material as if playing it all for the first time and eager to show what a powerhouse of an album it is.
Extended jams on Cover Me, Working on the Highway and Glory Days were all amazing.
It was great to finally get Spirit in the Night; been waiting for that one.
Took a while to score some cheap tks, but finally got some GAs for $30 and got in plenty of time to get close and enjoy the show.
Tougher than the Rest--nice choice.
Killer Long Walk Home!
Great encores: Staring us off with Raise your Hand, before blasting into the Stones' Last Time, 7 Nights to Rock and easily one of the best versions of Kitty's Back--rockin' and jamming as they kept the stadium crowd on their feet.
Jersey Girl--a beautiful version, truly heartfelt, but was hoping for Thunder Road or Travelin' Band to close the show.
Been a memorable 5 nights at Giants Stadium: Cheap parking lot tks for the floor every night, great crowds, a real treat to hear 3 albums in their entirety, especially Born to Run and Darkness, and what better way to spend a night than in the swamps of Jersey listening to the greatest Rock 'n' Roll band play their hearts out.
Thanks Kyle and Illya for the overall fun, especially with trying to score cheap tks at the last minute--and always being successful.
And a special thanks to Ang, for coming along for the ride and for living with your Bruce nut of a husband.
Sad to see the shows come to an end, but thankful for having been able to be there and experience a part of rock 'n' roll history!

McMurphy wrote: Didn't need any special guests. What for? I got Bruce and the E Street Band playing a solid night of hard-driving rock and roll with all the soul and heart of a band half their age. They put everyone else to shame.
Great show!
Great 5 night stand!
Classic--especially the 2nd and 3rd nights!
Now, before the tour ends, all we need, all the fans really want, is a night of The River album. Now that would be a show!
Love you guys.
Thanks for the party!

Hondo wrote: Left us hanging at the last show... We didnt need any guest appearances but the audience was shocked when the show seemed to end abruptly....He should have come out for Twist and Shout or Quarter to 3 and sent us out dancing in the dark !

The Poet wrote: Great show, but not my #1 of the NJ stand.
Maybe best encore night with Last Time, 7 Nights, Kitty and Jersey Girl...man, those cats can rock and groove like nobody's business. Anyone putting these shows down needs to go check out some pop band that plays a little over an hour and thinks they've done a hard nights work.
The music is timeless, visceral, now, locked into the moments of life we all continue to experience every day.
If Bruce ever sat and wrote a book, it would no doubt end on the shelves along side Hemingway, Faulkner and Steinback.
Favorite night goes to Night 4--just simply kicked ass from start to finish and had me wanting more.


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