2009-10-03, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Working on a Dream Tour
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The Born in the USA album is played in its entirety.

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Vince wrote: What a great night!! The rain held off. Took my son to his first Bruce concert! Was able to get in the pit, we only about 20 feet away!! Then to hear "Born in the USA" all the way thru. Lately, I've been listening to early Bruce, pre-Born to Run and the newest. I forgot how much rockin, good music is on the album and how it was made for a live concert. As usual, Bruce looked like he was having the time of his life. Killer rendition of KItty's back.

Kevin wrote: Bruce body surfing back to the stage during Hungry Heart was spectacular. Great versions of Jersey Girl and Kitty's Back along with the Fireworks made it a night to remember.

Jen wrote: Great Show! There's nothing like hearing the "Born in the USA" track live with all its intensity. It's not normally one of my favorites, but in that venue, with all that feeling, it brought tears to my eyes.

Tom Cantillon wrote: "The whole world is rough, just gettin' rougher..."
I'm typically not a big fan of the Born in the USA material as a whole, I do like the title track, Cover Me, Darlington and No Suurender, but tonight, played from start to finish like it was meant to be played, hard and loud so the songs can rock the stadium, I truly enjoyed the entire collection of songs.
My wife, Ang, was really looking forward to this one, so after scoring really cheap GAs and getting pretty close, we had a blast dancing and singing all night.
Cover Me was amazing! Nils' guitar solos are out of this world. I'm on Fire was another highlight.
Long Walk Home is a great addition to the main set, working much better than Lonesome Day or Radio Nowhere.
Heartfelt, rollicking, intense, playful encores with Jersey Girl, a brilliant Kitty's Back and hard-stomping Detroit Medley sent the already enthusiastic crowd into a frenzy. And to close with Thunder Road was simply an amazing way to cap off an amazing night of music.
I am hoping for the last 2 nights at Giants Stadium that Bruce showcases a little more from the River collection; fans are waiting for Sherry, Ties, Ramrod, 2 Hearts, Point Blank, Stolen Car and Drive all Night.


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