2009-10-02, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Working on a Dream Tour
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The Darkness album is played in its entirety.

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Ralph from Jersey wrote: What a night, but when you have the chance to hear "Darkness" straight through, it should not be missed. Bruce came out rockin' and started with "Wrecking Ball" although no words were on the screen for us to singalong. He just kep going at a feverish pace with the smiling and cajoling that made us all believe that this would be a special night.
DARKNESS rose over Giants Stadium and it was pure magic. From the first few notes, every song was nailed perfectly and we all wondered how life could be in any better in Bruce-land. For me, the anticipation of knowing that I would hear "Somewhere in the Night" and "Racing in the Street" provided an inner peace of sorts. "Racing" was never better as The Professor kept taking us higher and higher with his beautiful and articulate piano solo mid-song. Even Bruce was smiling knowing that Roy was on another plateau in that moment. The night kept going with rarely played, but beloved songs like "Be True" and "Long Walk Home" - and a strong encore was imminent. Thank goodness that I found out after the show that my favorite live song "Kitty's Back" was replaced by a two-some of "Cadillac Ranch" and "Dancin'" - they were more crowd pleasers, although the "afficionados" will always long for Kitty (and, he did play it the next night!!) - so, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band is home. No drizzle of rain (although it looked like snow in the lights of Giants Stadium) could upset our Friday night dancefest. What a band, what a night! Forever friends...rap

Tom Cantillon wrote: "In the summer that I was baptized, my father held me to his side..."
Darkness! Complete! Unbelievable!
Probably my favorite show of the 5 night stand, with night #4 a very close 2nd. This was also a highlight of the over 150 shows I've seen over the years.
An amazing performance. A mini concert all its own.
Adam Raised a Cain was chilling and powerfully played. Something in the Night was simply haunting and beautiful, in a heartbreaking way.
"We tried to pick up the pieces and get away without getting hurt, but they caught us at the state line, and burned our cars in one last fight, and left us running burned and blind, chasing something in the night." The images conjured by that stanza haunt you long after the song is over...just amazing!
The entire song plays out like a movie you'd have seen in the 70s, something real and gritty and not afraid to be a dark and somewhat bleak, because that's the real world, at times.
The most beautifully played Racing in the Streets, which is sad also, in its own way, leaves one feeling a little more optimistic and Roy simply moved both the song and audience into another world. One of my all time favorites and least played songs.
Blistering versions of Streets of Fire and Prove it just were out of control before closing with an intense Darkness.
To have gotten the entire album played from start to finish was without a doubt, a highlight of just about any show I've seen. I see that for the remainder of the tour it looks like mostly Born to Run, minus the one night in Philly, but boy, does this one need to be played more often. A true classic with not a weak track in its collection. I know Born in the USA was his most popular, but damn, nothing is ever going to top Darkness or Born to Run and more fans should be treated to the entire Darkness album.
A rocking Jailhouse Rock took everyone by surprise and was a great addition to an already fantastic show. Thunder Road and a rousing Long Walk Home also helped to keep the main set moving along without a lull.
The encores started off promising with Cadillac Ranch, but went flat after that. Best encores were probably night 3 and 5.
Hands down though, one of the best main sets and a true treat to have gotten one of the most poetic, intense and powerful albums ever written.
Hoping at least one night at the Garden will get this jem.


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