2009-09-30, Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Working on a Dream Tour
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Once again, the Born to Run album is played in its entirety.

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Katie wrote: AMAZING!!!!! The band sounded great!!! 29 songs, Born to Run cover to cover!!!! Into the fire was a treat for me I haven't heard it in a while, and E st. and growin up!!! The crowd singing happy birthday to Bruce was incredible, you could feel the love in the air. I can't wait til Friday to hear Darkness and Saturday for Born in the USA!!! Love the BOSS!!!!!!!

Michelle Kovach Ulland wrote: AWESOME - I'm exhausted - do NOT know how they do it NIGHT AFTER ANIGHT AFTER NIGHT!!!! Great to hear Jungleland - real treat - whole night FAB

Justin wrote: What a show! So much energy. I got tickets about 4 hours before the show and I'm glad I did. Wrecking Ball was a real treat. All of Born to Run was fabulous, along with all the other songs they played. I can't wait until I see them again on Saturday!

Tom wrote: Awesome show, lots of fun, the BTR set was powerful and beautiful and I look forward to it again on 10/8.

Tom Cantillon wrote: "The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive..."
Man, the highway was alive and rockin' Wednesday night as Bruce band took stage and brought back the magic and music for over 3 hrs.
Wrecking Ball was a great opening song--meaningful and hard rockin'.
Seeds, J99 and Atlantic City worked well as a powerful trio.
The treat of the evening came with the entire Born to Run album taking center stage and being played with all the ferocity and heart that went into making it.
The entire collection of songs are flawless, filled with all the romance, love, hope, drama, tragedy and majesty every poet and songwriter has attempted to capture, but just weren't sure how to.
Wednesday night, Bruce and band proved that without a doubt, they had captured it, the essence of life in 8 songs, and there will never be another album like it.
When the 70s was filled with a lot of soft rock that offered nothing salvational, Born to Run came along, demanding attention, well-deserved attention. It's an epic collection about a journey through life we will all take, a journey not unlike that of Homer's classics, where man fights against fate and forces that are seemingly beyond his control as he tries to find out just who he is in this vast and seemingly indifferent world.
From the opening notes of Thunder Road, to the closing wails of Jungleland, we are all there, struggling and rooting for the characters, because we see ourselves in them, in those songs, in those stories and that's what makes them universal masterpieces...they are the songs of Everyman!
Hearing the songs in sequence, the epic Backstreets and Jungleland gave me chills.
A hard-rockin' She's the One drove the crowd wild!
Into the Fire worked much better than Radio Nowhere ever did, as it helped to bring forth that spiritual quality of the Rising songs, especially as it lead into Lonesome Day and then The Rising itself. A touching moment in the stadium as Bruce played those 3 songs and everyone was up, dancing, remembering, paying tribute to the fallen, but also celebrating life itself.
Encores time Bruce gave his long time fans a treat as he gave us a high-energized E Street Shuffle and comical Growin' Up, not to mention an uplifting Hard Times and the ever entertaining, crowd pleaser--Rosie.
Easily one of the best shows I've seen them present. They get better with age--it's true. They are tight and professional and having the time of their life; thanks for taking us all along with you. The songs never grow old, the music never fails to inspire.

Ernie wrote: This night was magical from beginning to end. It's an honor to hear _Born to Run_ beginning to end in NJ. Not much more one can say!


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