2009-07-14, Hampden Park, Glasgow, Scotland

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Bruce's son Evan Springsteen joins the band for "American Land".

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Mike S wrote: Storming performance by Bruce, 3 pulsating hours of non-stop party. Much better than Dublin shows, Incident on 57th Street a classic performance. Far too long since his last visit to Scotland, surely he'll be back soon.

Geraint wrote: An AWESOME gig - best ever Bruce gig for me, topping even Roundhay Park. The requests section really fitted in, and gave us INCIDENT (!!!), Pink Cadillac and Cover Me. Other highlights included Seeds and Atlantic City. The whole band was really on fire throughout, feeding back off a crowd that was in superb party mood.

Kevin Turner wrote: The bad weather held off for the majority of the time and despite the hours of queuing, this was some gig! The energy levels hardly dipped all night and the band didn't leave the stage for even a 5 minute interval during the performance. Highlights? Thunder Road, Badlands, 57th Street, too many to mention really. This has to rank as one of the best (if not the best!)I've attended. Clarence's knees obviously stop him moving about in his old way, but he (along with the rest of the band) seemed to have a 'hoot'! Keep touring Bruce - you're still the best live performer!

H wrote: Was right at the front and ya right was a great show ...very varied set Incident on 57th Street ????... thank god for that great big banner ...won the day !!!... however there seemed to be an "echo" from the sound behind me... was wondering what it sounded like in the "DRY" seats... H

James wrote: Awesome concert from Bruce. Really beautiful version of "The River", was one of the many highlights sung to a really appreciative crowd. I can't recall seeing anyone else singing songs with such intensity and feeling.


Peter (also known as SJ workit out!!) wrote: The show was great I loved Incident!! seen him about 10 times in the open air over the years and this was the best!!! However whose bright idea was it to position the stage where it was!!! People who had poor seats (both ends behind goals so to speak) could see nothing, not even the screens while people on the pitch, and sat opposite,(the short width of the pitch!)had himelf AND 3 screens to choose from!!!! It was unbelieveable Bruce just could nt communicate with the ends, as he always has done with the sides, if the stage was in an end, as we were just too far away!!! great show shocking organisation and a terrible venue. Peter (also known as SJ work it out!!)

andy cunningham wrote: Great show , played some old classics, met a really nice guy Roy, in the queue for the pit, Roy if you see this , enjoy Turin! andy and Ellen (birthday girl)

sharon wrote: fantastic show just perfect too many highlights to mention but the river reduced me to tears! hope it's not too long before they back in the u.k.

Boo Hoggan wrote: Was near the sound desk with Eileen and crew, echo from rear was a shocker but the show (Incident... ffs!) was best one for 20 years for me. Simply loved it! Thanks for driving Tony! B.

Dave W wrote: We were in the heavens in the upper tier of the southstand but had a decent view albeit with the aid of the big-screens for the detail. Despite being a long-time fan, this was my first Boss gig and it didn't disappoint. Compared to the set-lists of previous gigs on the WOAD tour, this, in my view, was near perfect. Bruce was on blistering form putting his heart and soul into each song. Surely no other artist performing today puts so much of themselves into their performance. A truly wonderful night's entertainment from the very best in the business. Let's hope that Bruce and the E Street Band are back soon.

John from Edinburgh wrote: Absolutely brilliant show at Hampden. It was awesome to have Bruce and the band back in Scotland after 28 years.. Great setlist, and getting Incident played was just the icing on the cake. Come back to Scotland soon Bruce !

Davy C - Montrose wrote: Re Peter's comments about the venue. It definitely is the worst venue in Scotland. The stage is positioned there because there are 'debenture holders' seats in the main stand opposite so they have the best seats. They are guaranteed tickets for any event, football (international or club), concerts, whatever. This also affects the sound - the echo effect.
Here's hoping the 'stadium wrecker' )Twist and Shout) did it's job.
Bruce, when you come back to Scotland go to either Murrayfield, Ibrox or Parkhead.As always the show was fantastic.

paul -halifax wrote: first time in scotland for me, and about the 30th boss gig ive seen and this one didnt dissapoint absolutely awsome from start to finish SEEDS was the highlight 4 me two more weeks me and the family are off to benidorm to see him once again, at the moment im playing the concert on a three disc cd ive just bought off e-bay what great memories DONT STOP TOURING BRUCE thanks

Craig wrote: I'm simply going to re-iterate what everyone else has already said - a truly great show. Didn't see him in the early years so perhaps the best I've ever seen (I can't compare it with 2nd row to see Tom Joad as they're completely different types of shows). Many great moments, but for me Incident and Hard Times were awesome. Also, the sound was truly awful and kept resounding back from the South Stand. I get tickets for all the international football games and my complaints about debenture ticket holders continues here - complete tossers one and all. The SFA (or whoever is in charge) should buy them out (but they won't).


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