2009-06-30, Stade de Suisse, Bern, Switzerland

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Tobias wrote: My first concert on this tour and as expected Bruce deliverd. So did the band.
First off, Bruce looks awesome and I think most of the band do too. Don't know how he does it but I sure hope I will be anywhere near his physical constitution when I am 59. Clarence is also amazing. Approaching 70, his playing is still extraordinary and his charisma as always unsurpassed.
The venue was very nice and the front field tickets paid off as my girl and I had an excellent view on the stage and the giant screens.
Sound was good.
The audience was predominantely Swiss. That, of course, does not help the atmosphere ... Don't know what it is with these Swiss people. But unless they are hard core fans they just cannot let loose. No singing or cheering before the concert (even though Bruce was 30 minutes late) and the sing along parts have surely been performed better by other audiences. During Thunderroad it was soo bad that it actually cracked Bruceup.
Song selection was very good despite the fact that there were no real surprises. What surprised me was that there were many people who apparently came to hear the new music and must have joined the fan community during the last 2-3 albums. Saw many people just not repsonding to clasic such the pre-BITUSA stuff. Promised Land, Born to run, Johnny 99 did not get any reaction from people around me. First time I had that at a Bruce concert .... took a lot of power from the Seeds/Johnny/Atlantic trio.
My favorite memory: Bruce sharing vocals on "Sunny Day" with a little kid in front row. The kid got to sing 2 or 3 lines and got a lot of cheers from the crowd. Bruce joked "I'll hire you and fire Steve". Funny and touching at the same time.
Will se him in Frankfurt on Friday and hope that the German crowd will be a better reward for the Boss.

I don't know how he does it. The man is 59! My first concert on this tour and I think it was a very good performance. Bruce seemed to be fighting a cold but was in a very good mood.

maureen reutter wrote: the show was absolutely great. i was very surprised that the swiss were not dancing from the beginning of the show. it took 2 hours for them all to get up and into the electric show. he was awesome

phlipp reutter wrote: it was my 9th b-day and my mom went to this show! (without me) how MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just kidding-i was invited by i didnt go because i wanted to play with my swiss cousins.
p.s. my moms the old guys (bruce springsteen) biggest fan and its not funny how much she listens to this 60 year singer


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