2009-07-12, RDS, Dublin, Ireland

Working on a Dream Tour
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Bruce's son Evan Springsteen joins the band for "American Land". Clarence's nephew Jake Clemons joins for "Tenth Avenue".

Eyewitness accounts

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Barry H, Leopardstown wrote: Absolutely brilliant - blown away! Bruce was in amazing form tonight. Don't know if it was just me (and the drier weather), but the show seemed to be twice as good as last night!

David Gorman wrote: Just in from tonights gig in the RDS, after seeing both shows in Ireland,hearing American Skin (41 Shots) was without question the highlight!!

kavana wrote: Taking a leaf from the main page of this site this was my 'best show ever'. Outlaw Pete and American Skin were my highlights but, in truth, there wasn't a weak moment in this show. Everything, Bruce, the Band, the weather, and the crowd seemed to be in perfect harmony. 3hr 5mins 29 songs. Brilliant

Chris Carry wrote: Awesome show. Just awesome. My 33rd show and that was way up there with the best handful I've been at.
Great set list, great energy, busted the curfew, great audience, just a wow.
Will that be the last time we hear Clarence play "Jungleland" in Dublin? The Big Man was taking it all in and it looked like he was committing the audience feedback into his book of memories.
Chris in Kells

Billy O'Callaghan wrote: Highlights abounded tonight, a great setlist... For me, of special note were a particularly fiery Youngstown and a chilling Darkness. 41 Shots, just as twilight thickened into night, was incredible, and Jungleland was a joy, Bruce and Clarence giving it all they've got.
Tonight seemed special, though, right from the off. Nils's accordion teased with Fields of Athenry, and No Surrender set a perfect tone. And I can't get enough of Twist and Shout as a closer! From start to finish, just a peach of a show!

Alberto wrote: second show was by far better. 41 shots, Jungleland, Darkness, the crowd (the weather too!)... everything perfect... top 3 shows I have seen

terry norman[ somerset] wrote: never seen him do american skin,something really mistical on the night also probably best jungleland,even seeds seemed good,maybe my best ever show,look out ROMA

Steve Spencer-Davis (Grimsby UK) wrote: Hey Alberto, they where doing sound checks at 4:15pm with "41 shots", brilliant! We did Hyde Park & both Dublin nights, I have to agree with Chris Carry about Big Man Clarence (star of tv's WIRE, in last weeks UK episode)was this his swan song? My partner Julie & I waited all day "roll calls & wristbands etc" and got to the front of the pit area eye 2 eye with big man CC on Dublin night 2, he was awesome. The Boss made him do some solo's early doors and he responded with the energies of yesteryear, I myself have a titanium knee (not 2 like him) and I dont know how he grooved and swayed those hips all night, I'm just a youngster at 56! He really did enjoy himself and you guys have said it all about Jungleland. We got what we wanted in Thunder Road, 7 nights plus Ramrod on night 1, so second night's Glory days was the iceing on the cake for us. If you need me to say which of the 3 this tour we have seen was best "Dublin 2" .....cu all next time for some twist & shouting... If you ain't never seen the Boss in NJ folks, then you have not lived..DO IT in Oct!!! cheers Spenny-D

Roy van Rees (The Netherlands) wrote: What a show, this was my 35th and everytime I think I've seen the best one ever, but it keeps on getting better and better! Hoping to get tickets for MSG in November!!
See you guys on the road....

John in Edinburgh wrote: This was the best show I have seen from Bruce and the E Street band since that memorable first Bruce show for me at St James Park, Newcastle way back in 1985. Absolutely brilliant setlist, and Bruce and the band helped make it a real party atmosphere.

Peter wrote: I'm a young Bruce fan. I had never been to a Springsteen concert, but I will with out a doubt go again!!!!!!!!!!!

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michael fitzgerald wrote: i was at this concert one of the many ive been to down through the years and they just get better each time


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