2009-05-21, Izod Center, East Rutherford, NJ

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Jay Weinberg plays the whole show.

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jjazznola wrote: A decent show with no real surprises. I thoght the Nassau show was a little better. It was cool to hear I'm Goin' Down. I do not remember hearing him play that one before. Jay played drums the entire show. He is more aggressive but not nearly as smoothe or talented as his dad. He is only 18 though.

Tom Cantillon wrote: The Rock 'n' Roll gods have been very kind; 7 shows with no tickets before hand, and somehow, faith has been rewarded. Once again, up to the arena I go without a ticket and last night was a challenge. People, don't buy from the scalpers, it only drives the price up.
At 8:05 I ran into a great group of college kids who had an extra ticket, which I scored for $50--thanks guys!
No real surprises, but still, a very high energy, kick-ass, pure E Street Band, Rocking show!
It was amazing to get these classics: She's the One, Adam Raised a Cain, Prove it, Thunder Road and the epic Jungleland all in one show!
Another highlight: Jay--Impressive! His drumming added some real power to Seeds, Prove it, I'm Goin' Down, Born to Run and Land of Hope & Dreams--excellent job!
Growin'Up--a stellar performance.
The entire show was high octane and loose. Definitely one of the best Jersey shows I've seen them do in recent years.
No fluff in the encores--great song choices.
The college kids I sat with were great, into the show, appreciating it for what it's worth, enjoying it, unlike a lot of other folks who simply sat all night until Sunny Day. I don't get it?
He plays a killer Adam, She's the One, a rollicking J99, a great little threesome of Growin' Up, I'm Goin' Down and Prove it, and yet they sat, until Sunny Day. Boggles me.
The Hershey crowd was so much better, into the entire show, giving Bruce that energy back.
Anyway, an amazing show for it being my 150th, but so far, Philly Night 1 holds top place of the few I've seen so far.
Let's see what happens Saturday night.

Christy wrote: Great show, but where was Backstreets, Drive all Night, something special like, Stolen Car or Price You Pay?? And what about grabbing that sign for Pink Caddy? Come on already, it's a great song and the crowd would love it.
All in all, still enjoyed it, just hoping for a few special moments to make it a classic.

Jake wrote: Good show to have gone to. The setlist was unspectacular but solid. I spent a lot of the show focused on Jay Weinberg. I have to agree with JJazznola that he has some work to do with his how smoothly he fits in with the band- it seems to me like he played over Clarence during the sax solo in Jungleland, but it was fun to watch Bruce direct Jay Weinberg through it. I think having Jay playing the set loosens things up a little, theres a little bit of that Seeger Sessions feel to it (I mean that in a good way) where Bruce is kind of directing Jay through the show at points where as with Max its more seemless.

The kid is fantastic all in all. He absolutely carried Radio Nowhere and Seeds. He's up and down a little bit, but his highs I think are even better than Max's.

I do have one complaint about the show, and most of you are going to think its sacreligious- the rendition of Rosalita that the band did was not very good. They didn't even play the bridge, which i think is the best part of the whole song. Its been turned into some communal sing along without all the great instrumental parts that make it a great song. Just my 2 cents.


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